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Hamptonville, NC

Former Hospital, Supper Club, Substance Abuse Center, and Office Building

Dry Lavender


The History:

William Trivette opened the Trivette Clinic in 1932 after Graduating from the Medical School of Virginia and fighting for England during World War I. The Hospital was known for its modern equipment and treatment techniques. However, William Trivette passed away only six years after opening his clinic due to a bought of pneumonia. After the clinic closed in 1939, the building was eventually purchased in 1945 and turned into a supper club, rest resort, and alcohol detox center. The building was once again sold in 1961 when it became a private home. The building was once again sold in 1981 when it was converted into a nursery. The property owners began to allow ghost tours and investigations in 2011 and the location has since become one of the most well known paranormal locations in the state of North Carolina.  ​

The Haunts:

​Some of the reported hauntings of the Trivette Clinic center around the locations past. The most well known spirit of the location is the clinic's founder,  William Trivette. Another common spirit of the clinic is a little girl known as "Majesty" that resides in the basement. . There is another spirit of a little girl that is known as "Nancy" that stays upstairs. There are also said to be spirits of nurses that still call the clinic their home, as well as a few of the patients.  


The Investigation:

During this public investigation, you'll get to join our team for the night as we explore this historically haunted location. You will get to experience an opening vigil where we call out to spirits to interact with us for the night, several vigils that focus on using various ghost hunting tools and techniques, access to parts of the building that are normally off limits to the public and free roam time to use our teams equipment and partake in your own investigations. 

Note for those with mobility challenges: This location has a second level and basement that are only accessible via staircases. There are rails present on the staircases, but it may still be a challenge for those with mobility concerns. If you have any special request, please get in contact with us and we will attempt to find an accommodation. 


Check in/ Introductions
Location Tour and Paranormal History
Refreshment Break
Opening Vigil, Calling Out to the Spirits
Guided Investigation and Introduction to Equipment
Refreshment Break
Free Roam with Team Equipment
Opportunity for Individual Vigils with Experienced Investigators
Regrouping and Closing Vigil

No upcoming events at the moment
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