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Hartsville, SC

Former post office and current day heritage museum.



The History:

Founded in 1929 this historic building began its life as the Hartsville Post Office. During its time serving as the towns post office this building saw at least one documented death as well as a heinous crime against the townspeople of Hartsville. In 1965 the Hartsville Post Office made its move across town and the building became the Hartsville Public Library. The Library served the town of Hartsville until 1995 when they too moved and the Hartsville Museum took their place.

The Haunts:

The walls of this historic building have been tied to several haunted tales throughout the decades. From the mysterious death of a postal worker to its ties with Hartsville's founder John Hart this monument to local history is steeped in residual energies. During its time as a museum this building has housed thousands of pieces of history from many mysterious backgrounds. At this location footsteps can be heard on the hardwood floors, items can be seen and heard moving on their own, staff get pushed, and videos pick up things inaudible to the human ear, the history here is always active, come and see for yourself...

The Investigation:

During this public investigation, you'll get to join our team for the night as we explore this historically haunted location. You will get to experience an opening vigil where we call out to spirits to interact with us for the night, several vigils that focus on using various ghost hunting tools and techniques, access to parts of the building that are normally off limits to the public and free roam time to use our teams equipment and partake in your own investigations.