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Harper House

Hickory, NC

Residence built in 1887



The History:

The Harper Family was the last of seven families to occupy the Harper House, as some locals still refer to it. Daniel Webster Shuler, originally from Michigan and who founded Hickory’s first bank, built the house in 1887. The Harper Family’s stay was by far the longest—from 1923, when Finley Gwyn Harper, Sr. (1880-1951), who operated Harper Motor Company, purchased it from Mrs. Minnie C. Taylor, to December 21, 2000, when Anne McPherson Harper Bernhardt, Lee Corinne Harper Vason, Mary Gwyn Harper Addison, and Betty Banks Harper Shelander—the daughters of Finley Gwyn Harper, Jr., and his wife Mary Banks McPherson Harper—generously arranged its acquisition by the HACC.

The Harpers’ long stay was also providential, for each of the three generations appreciated the house’s architectural significance, preserving the foyer’s carved, coffered ceiling and intricate stained-glass window; the parquet floors of the dining room and family parlor; the ornate brass-work of the heavy doorknobs, sashes, keyplates, and many sets of pocket doors; the piano-grade cherry of the staircase with two landings and the dining room’s carved wainscoting, as well as the numerous silhouettes of family friends on the walls of the attic, where Mr. and Mrs. Harper, Sr., entertained during Prohibition.

The Investigation:

During this public investigation, you'll get to join our team for the night as we explore this historically haunted location. You will get to experience an opening vigil where we ground ourselves and then introduce ourselves to the spirits and invite them to interact with us for the night, several vigils that focus on using various ghost hunting tools and techniques, access to parts of the building that are normally off limits to the public and an period of self exploration where you can use your own equipment (or borrow Great State Paranormal's equipment) and partake in your own investigations.