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Judge Gavel


The History:

The 1924 courthouse was designed by Willard Rogers and built by J. J. Stout. It is a two story Renaissance Revival styled structure with two story wings. The courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Today the location is home to the Catawba County Museum of History. 

The Investigation:

During this public investigation, you'll get to join our team for the night as we explore this historically haunted location. You will get to experience an opening vigil where we ground ourselves and then introduce ourselves to the spirits and invite them to interact with us for the night, several vigils that focus on using various ghost hunting tools and techniques, access to parts of the building that are normally off limits to the public and an period of self exploration where you can use your own equipment (or borrow Great State Paranormal's equipment) and partake in your own investigations. 

Note for those with mobile disabilities: This location has a functioning elevator. However, there may still be challenges accessing the entire location. If you have any accommodation request, please get in contact with us and we will attempt to find any reasonable accommodation that we can. 


Check in/ Introductions
Location Tour and Paranormal History
Refreshment Break
Opening Vigil, Calling Out to the Spirits
Guided Investigation and Introduction to Equipment
Refreshment Break
Free Roam with Team Equipment
Opportunity for Individual Vigils with Experienced Investigators
Regrouping and Closing Vigil

No upcoming events at the moment
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