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Sicut Superius et Inferius

We are a group of paranormal investigators in Western North Carolina. Our goal is to investigate hauntings and spirit sightings while preserving native folklore.


We are based at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. The history of our area uniquely attracts the paranormal. Before the British colonized the Americas, our land was home to native american tribes. After the colonist came in search of freedom of religion, practitioners of various forms of witchcraft thrived in the seclusion of the mountains. As the two cultures collide, it has left us with a home between the collision of two powerful paranormal forces. 

We are also blessed with a hometown that was left mostly unaffected by the American Civil War. While most cities and towns were burned down during Sherman's march to the sea, fate preserved the town of Wilkesboro, NC. We don't take such a gift lightly. We make a point to attempt to preserve and respect the historical sites around us and ensure that we can capture the legacy of wherever we investigate. We also work with our neighbors to help protect our historical sites for our future generations. 

Great State Paranormal strives to be an open and inclusive organization for all people, regardless of your background. 

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